Connecting with nature, it’s not just our specialty, it’s our philosophy.


When we first started, our business was based on the three simple things we shared with all of our clients; a love for outdoor adventures, the joy of entertaining friends and a need to share our home in beautiful British Columbia. This became the foundation for the many extraordinary years to come.


We are dedicated to providing every client the opportunity to fish the most productive and pristine rivers British Columbia has to offer. Further we strive to make every client feel welcome, comfortable, safe, and to provide the highest level of service and quality in everything that we do. That is not just a statement but rather an agreed upon commitment that each member of the team at Lang’s Fishing Adventures is devoted to.


From the start Lang’s Fishing Adventures has upheld a deep commitment to well defined corporate responsibility objectives that focus on wildlife conservation, rehabilitation and habitat restoration. This is further paired with direct community development initiatives that include youth outdoor adventures, recreational facility enhancement and Fraser River clean-up programs. Thanks in large measure to the support of our clients!

Fraser River fishing guides, Lang’s Fishing Adventures, is based out of Vancouver, BC and prides itself as being one of the top Vancouver Sturgeon and Salmon fishing guide services on the Fraser River. With an incomparable passion and dedication to fishing unlike any you may have previously experienced, Lang’s Fishing Adventures offers only top class salmon, sturgeon, steelhead and trout fishing on the mighty Fraser River and its’ tributaries.

During our guided fishing trips you will be taught all the proper techniques required to catch the various types of fish that are at your disposal. Our guides have years of experience fishing on the Fraser River and many other BC rivers and lakes. It won’t take long for you to realize how eager and passionate our staff is about ensuring your trip with us demonstrates what BC fishing really entails. Our goal is to ensure that you, as the customer, obtain the exact experience you want. By offering multiple fish options for you to choose from such as sturgeon, salmon and trout while using either a fly or casting rod, we give you the opportunity to customize your trip so that each experience is unique.

You will be riding one of our brand new 22 foot North River Jet boats. Our fishing boats are able to go up to 50 miles per hour with 2000 pounds in four inches of water. We’re also more than happy to combine sturgeon and salmon trips into one incomparable day of fishing where half the day consists of battling salmon and the other half consists of wrestling with prehistoric sturgeons. We also offer walk and wade trips for sturgeon and salmon which are more economical and still offer just as much enjoyment.

Lang’s Fishing Adventures specializes in small groups and happily accommodate special occasions such as bachelor parties, birthdays, anniversaries, and more. Fishing trips such as the ones we offer bring excitement and entertainment for everyone on board. Very seldom is there a dull moment when fishing with us. Italso offers a great opportunity for a family outing and is guaranteed to bring everyone closer together. There is nothing like working together to catch and land a huge sturgeon. Companies looking for team building activities will also find that fishing together is a great way to develop and sustain relationships with their employees as everyone is guaranteed to have a fun and exciting experience. We will also be more than happy to accommodate your business with our special corporate rate. Book now and reserve the best angling days!

Our Guides

Lang’s Fishing Adventures has been providing excellent fishing charters in the lower mainland since 2007. Our fishing guides have at least 10 years of sturgeon, salmon, steelhead and fly fishing experience. Our boats are Transport Canada Certified and all our guides are fully licensed by the Ministry of Environment. Safety is our top priority. All our guides are certified by British Columbia St John First Aid and were trained in Marine Emergency Duties and Small Vessel Operators Proficiency. In addition to the rigorous training our guides go through to ensure safety, they are genuinely good people who always look out for our client’s best interest. At Lang’s Fishing Adventures, we are most proud of our guide’s passion to ensure that clients walk away with fish or a photo that will capture an unforgettable experience. We guarantee that clients will be taught how to fish with a patient, enthusiastic and caring guide.

Lang Nguyen

Lang Nguyen was raised in Vancouver, BC. Before opening Lang’s Fishing Adventures, he was an Insurance Broker for Meier & Co Insurance Ltd. He loves interacting with people, however he realized that an office environment wasn’t ideal for him. His escape from the daily routine was fishing. When he wasn’t at work, he would be out fishing with his brother and uncle. They would explore different lakes and walk miles along the riverbank to find the best fishing spots. His hobby developed into his passion and he soon found that the outdoors was where he truly belonged. Lang quit his job and with the support of his family, he opened Lang’s Fishing Adventures.

Although there are a lot of charter companies, he knew what it took to stand out from the rest. While other companies were set in old ways, he was innovative and always tried new techniques to catch fish. Most importantly, what separates himself from other guides is his ability to connect and quickly establish trust with his clients. As much as he loves to fish, he finds it equally rewarding to teach and see others catch a sturgeon that are literally bigger than them. To meet the increasing number of clients each year, Lang recruited guides that had the same passion for fishing and for working with people. His guides are not simply employees but lifelong friends that he can always count upon. They will ensure a safe trip and always have the client’s best interest in mind. Simply put, Lang Nguyen and his team will give you a fishing experience of a lifetime.